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Following is a partial list of my favorite resources related to the Internet and computing in general.


Following are names and phone numbers of qualified consultants who may be able to help with upgrades, maintenance, diagnostics, Internet setup, general computer questions, and more. Ask the consultants for their rates and tell them what you need so you can hire a consultant with the correct expertise.

Technical and More

(1) Helen Cohn (PC) - 619-857-0537 or cohnconsulting@cox.net

(2) Larry Hambright (PC) - 619-275-0020 or impalaw@gmail.com

(3) Fred Sheinbein (PC) - 858-693-4390 or fredsheinbein@gmail.com

Teaching,Tutoring, Web Design, Graphics, and More

(1) Aaron Sheinbein - aaronsheinbein@gmail.com - MSOffice, Web Development, Photography, Photo Editing

(2) Rob Spahitz - RSpahitz@Dogopoly.com (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, macros/VBA, VB.Net, C#.Net, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and more)

(3) GB Ammerman (PC - MSOffice and Windows File Management) - 619-840-9527 or gbammerman@gmail.com

(4) David Taniguchi - 858-676-3311 or david@thekanyon.com (Web development plus Microsoft Office)

(5) Al Delino - 760-753-2555 or al@aldelinodesign.com


- Seniors' Computer Group - meets each Saturday, 9:30-noon, Wesley Palms, 2404 Loring St., Pacific Beach. Info: . Everyone (all ages) invited. Lots of Computing and Internet topics presented.

- UCHUG (Under the Computer Hood Users Group) - meets 1st Wednesday at 7 p.m., Wesley Palms, 2404 Loring St., Pacific Beach
Info: Greg Skalka, 858-484-7024 -- http://www.uchug.org -- president@uchug.org"

- San Diego Center for the Blind offers free basic computer, iPad, and iPhone instruction for those who have low vision or are legally blind...using ZOOM TEXT, DOLPHIN GUIDE, or JAWS.
Info: Nancy Sherman (Program Director) at (619) 583-1542, ext. 125 or nsherman@sdcb.org -- www.sdcb.org

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